Become a member

Registering as members of the parish

• For those shifting residence from another parish, kindly meet the Parish Priest with a letter from the Parish Priest of your former parish
• Fill the parish registration form available at the Parish Priest’s office
• On submission of the completed form, the Parish Priest will issue a Parish Card which has to be kept safely. The family card needs to be completely filled and retained, It will also record the details of the monthly payment of the Church subscription. The family card must be brought along while requesting for Baptism, Marriage, Burial or while obtaining any official letter from the Parish Priest
• Kindly note, holding the card is not a guarantee for Sacraments. Familiarity with the Church Liturgy, your Parish Priest and Zonal Leader is very important. It is a blessing to the family as well.

Parishioners living in a different city or abroad

For those who are planning to stay more than six months in another place either in another city or country, should kindly register their names in the nearest Catholic Parish. On arrival back to St. Luke’s, the parishioners can submit a letter from the Parish Priest of the parish where they were formerly registered.

Non - parishioners

For those who are not a parishioner of St. Luke’s Church but seek to receive the sacraments in St. Luke’s Church, need to provide a letter from the Parish Priest of the parish where they are registered with details about their familiarity with the Priest and their preparedness for the Sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation or Marriage.

Based on the submission of the letter and documents supporting the preparedness for the sacraments, the process will be initiated.