Catechism is derived from the Greek word ‘Katecheo’ which literally means “sounding down towards”, therefore its sole purpose is to sound the truth of Our Lord to echo in the hearts of our children. Catechism is an essential instruction to all, for both children and adults alike, everyone should know the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Therefore it is mandatory for every child in a catholic family to attend catechism classes. In order to do away with bookish instruction and make the classes more interactive and lively (with activities like games, skit, debate, role play, dumb charades, puzzles, action songs), a small team of committed people did some ground work and came up with Activity Based Learning during Sunday catechism classes, and these classes were renamed “Faith Formation Program.” The FFP’s mission is to create an atmosphere and lead everyone in believing Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God.

Thus began the journey of inculcating our young minds with catholic teachings and tradition, to prepare and embolden them to take on the world based on the values of Christ and to form them in the faith passed to us by the very Apostles of Christ. The team has drafted the syllabus and activities based on the content, dedicated teachers carefully prepare the lesson plan according to the different levels and conduct the class. The different levels are Sub-Juniors(Std I &II), Juniors(Std III, IV & V), Intermediates (Std VI, VII & VIII), Seniors(Std IX & X) and Super Seniors(Std XI & XII). The Tamil classes are held from 7:30-8:30a.m. followed by the English classes from 8:45-9:45a.m. every Sunday at the Jessie Moses School premises. Send your children for the classes and be a part of the ongoing faith formation program.


Faith formation program is a new catechetical curriculum for our children starting from pre-school to twelfth standard. By sowing the right seed (seed of truth) at the right time and by nurturing it regularly we find the tree bearing fruits. Teaching our children about our catholic faith not only nourishes them to grow into faithful Catholics but also helps their families and the entire society. We are living in a conflicting world were parents and teachers take the primary role of teaching and guiding our children to live and walk in Christ’s faith.

This program is scheduled for an hour every week on Sundays in our Parish, St. Luke’s Church. A group of trained teachers take the classes for children who are divided according to their age groups. Apart from being prepared to receive the sacraments, they are also taught about the Church’s teachings and are given a deeper understanding about the Catholic faith and helped to grow in a deeper relationship with God. The teachers also concentrate on other areas of formation, namely, human values, good manners, well being, moral science, self discipline etc. The content is communicated through different methodologies which are planned in advance by the teachers. Some of these are interactions, quiz, debates, appropriate religious movies, group activities, cultural activities, out-reach events and so on…